“The Prudent Mariner will not rely solely on any single aid to navigation”

There’s a saying on the bottom of nautical maps: “The Prudent Mariner will not rely solely on any single aid to navigation.” Roughly: You may know your destination, but getting there takes a whole lot more than just a map.

Filmmaking is an endless ocean of choices. Successful navigation from The Bay of Concepts to the distant shores of Seriously-Engaging Content-Land requires an experienced hand on the rudder. Non-stop waves of decision-making break over the bow that must be met with quick creativity and a comprehensive understanding of how each choice affects the direction of the vessel.

But stormy seas are no match for The Prudent Mariner’s confident competence, standing at the helm with a meticulous mastery of technique, a superabundance of smart ideas and a sincere and sunny disposition.

The Prudent Mariner’s standards are high with a passionate professionalism that ensures no voyage is undertaken lightly. Maximum production value for minimum cost is The Prudent Mariner’s fiduciarily-fierce battle cry and a brutal battery of brainpower is at their command to slay the many monsters that can loom large on the horizon.

The Prudent Mariner has deftly navigated disparate waters ranging from high-concept scripted material to immersive documentary to lo-fi/hi-viewcount viral videos and always puts the ship in the harbor on time, on budget, with a crew happy to set off on the next adventure.

The Prudent Mariner can take you there. Let’s go somewhere awesome!

We’re based in Atlanta but work frequently in Los Angeles, New York or wherever our work takes us.

Stefan Glidden 


The Prudent Mariner is captained by filmmaker and international trivia quiz champion Stefan Glidden. A director first, he also produces, writes, shoots, edits, and makes music. Born in New Hampshire, Stefan has been working as a filmmaker and amateur presidential historian since the age of 12 and prior to that, a paleontologist.